For Survey Participants
For Survey Participants
About Versta

Versta Research is a marketing research and public opinion polling firm that helps you answer critical questions with customized research and analytical expertise.


A Message for Survey Participants

On behalf of my entire team of researchers, thank you for taking part in a Versta study. Gathering together a great group of people to thoughtfully answer questions is a vital part of the science that underpins our work and the knowledge that it shapes. We are honored to have your opinions and preferences represented in our research.

We’re often asked what the purpose of our research is. It’s different from study to study, but it is usually because an organization needs to know more about what people think, what they want, or what their lives are like. The survey or interview you are taking is usually one step in answering those questions. It might be the first step or it might be the last, but we feel it is always among the most important ones that any organization takes.

What we learn from the research helps organizations hear your voice. Some are making decisions about how to change their products or services. Others want to know more about how they are doing, and to hear from people who might not feel comfortable posting reviews. Some are writing about a topic, and want to include statistics about what the community’s opinions are on the subject.

Participating in research both large and small is becoming an increasingly common part of daily life, so we especially appreciate your willingness to take the time for our questions. We hope you had a positive experience, and that you would consider being a participant if you should be invited to another study.

If you have feedback for my team or need help, please let me know using the contact forms available on this site. We interview many thousands of people each year, and I enjoy hearing what we’re doing right, and suggestions for the future.

Thank you, again, from all of us.

Dr. Joe Hopper